Revolutionary learning communities that bring together learners, teachers and industry experts  in safe online environments allowing them to collaborate, innovate and learn together.
Driving aspiration. Creating change.

What is Business In Schools?

Education hasn’t changed in generations – learners and the skills employers need have.

Our vision is that pupils leave school with the skills they need to participate, innovate and succeed.

How do we do it?

  • We provide safe online spaces for primary and secondary schools, where learners, teachers and industry experts learn together
  • We moderate and safeguard giving assurance to all users
  • We bring collaboration between like-minded learners, teachers and industry experts
  • We provide creative, learner-centred environments to grow aspiration, nurture employability skills and develop pathways to brilliant futures
  • We connect knowledge taught in the classroom with skills in the workplace, bringing learning to life in an environment that transcends the walls of the classroom
  • We add content from across the globe, inspiring learners to create, debate and innovate –  developing 21st century skills as they go
  • We give education providers inspiring and original materials

The learning revolution starts here……

Our Social Impact

Why get involved?

Whether you already work in UK schools or not, our streamlined solution gives your organisation a permanent place in the classroom. 

By partnering with us you can:

Your support means we don’t have to charge state schools a penny

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Package 2

Employer zone including:

Interactivity with full safeguarding service

3 work-based activities

3 career roles

1 quiz/ survey

Package 3

Employer zone including:

Interactivity with full safeguarding service

6 work-based activities

6 career roles

2 quizzes/survey

Package 4

Employer zone including:

Interactivity with full safeguarding service

9 work-based activities

9 career roles 2

3 quizzes/survey

Videos and webinar hosting

Package 5

Limited opportunities to be lead sector specific sponsors.


Safeguarding and Prevent underpins and enhances everything we do.  When you partner with us our rigorous processes are passed on to you – meaning you can work online with learners in confidence, ensuring a harmonius and connected environment.
We meet all legal requirements including Keeping Children Safe in Education, and UKCCIS.
Our processes ensure all interactions are checked before publication. Our moderators are DBS checked and safeguard trained. Every single activity is checked before it is published, implying safety is paramount for all agencies.
This empowers learners to safely aspire and converse in an engaging way using a platform that is moderated, which reassures schools and their teachers.


Our partnership with ConnectFutures allows Business in Schools to deliver a safe space for online collaboration. Their training and research expertise in extremism and exploitation allows them fulfil their mission of empowering people and creating change.

GDPR and privacy

Our data is GDPR compliant. We only take personal details that we need to establish user accounts and we do not gather specific intelligence about users. We only use the data we have to contact teachers about the site on information such as new site features and content.

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Get in touch via the contact form or call 0330 1200 566 and let’s transform education together.